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Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the third largest of the British Virgin Islands located between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. It is 8.5 square miles. This beautiful island offers a quiet, peaceful escape among white sand beaches, national parks, trials and trees. There are many yacht clubs and luxury resorts located on Virgin Gorda. One of the biggest tourist attractions is "The Baths" where granite boulders, revealing that the island once had volcanic activity, are located in the water. This is a great place to swim and snorkel.

A great resource to help plan a wedding in the U.S. Virgin Islands is www.bvitourism.com/virgin-gorda

Climate:  highs in high 80's, lows in mid 70's
Language: English
Currency: US Dollar
     *U.S. Currency Widely Accepted
Passport Needed?: Yes, required.

Island Activities

-Day Trips to Nearby Islands
-Historic Sites


Getting to the Islands
There are no direct flights to Virgin Gorda from the U.S., Canada, Europe or South America. It is best to request a flight to Tortola and transfer from there via ferry.

Airports: Terrence B. Lettsome Airport (EIS)- off of Tortola
Virgin Gorda Airport (VIJ)

Visitors can also arrive by sea to St. Thomas Bay in Virgin Gorda.
Getting Around
Taxi's are readily available
Inter Island Ferries- a great to island hop to the other British Virgin Islands
Inter Island Aviation is also available

*Drive on left side of road
*Must be 25 years old
* If rental is less than 30 days, only need valid drivers license from home
*If rental is more than 30 days, need to purchase BVI license



Phone: 284-495-5803

Island Style Car Rental


Website: http://www.islandstylebvi.com
Phone: 284-495-6300
Email: islandstylebvi@hotmail.com

Mahogany Rentals


Website: http://www.mahoganycarrentalsbvi.com
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Frank Panaro Photography


Website: http://www.frankpanarophotography.com
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Siesser Photography


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L.S.L Restaurant & Bakery


Phone: 284-495-5151

Wedding Coordinator

*Note- Resort may offer its own event planning options

Occasions BVI


Website: http://www.occasionsbvi.com
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Email: info@occasionsbvi.com


Provide great local assistance to plan all your wedding and event needs, for a memorable stress free day.

BVI Wedding Planners


Website: bviweddingplanners.com
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Email: bviweddings@surfbvi.com


Full service wedding, reception and event planners

Rules and Regulations

To Get Married on the Island
For a complete list and the most up to date information on the rules and regulations regarding getting married on the island, please check with your wedding coordinating or visit tourist sites, such as http://www.bvitourism.com/rules-requirements

Required to Obtain Marriage License
-Death Certificate, if applicable
-Divorce Decree, if applicable
-3 business day residency requirement, from day paperwork submitted
-Marriage Tax Fee
-Two Witnesses
-Completed Forms

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